ISKAN in Turkey is an act of putting an apartment or house into operation, where detailed technical information about the object is indicated.

There are two types of ISKAN in the Republic of Turkey:

  • Genel ISKAN is a technical passport issued for the building as a whole. It allows you to legally use the building and is obtained by the developer when the house is put into operation.
  • Ferdi ISKAN is a technical passport provided for each individual apartment. Such Iskan is issued only once, to the first owner of the apartment.

Iskan contains all technical data about housing (including address, area) and about the entire building. The document is drawn up after receiving a TAPU (certificate of ownership of real estate). The cost depends on the area of ​​​​housing.

We will help you collect all the necessary documents to obtain a technical passport for an apartment, as well as professionally and efficiently perform all subsequent steps by a notarized power of attorney, so that in a short period of time you will receive a finished Iskan in your hands. In addition, we provide after-sales service for our customers to help new owners quickly adapt to living and settling in a new home.

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