TAPU in Turkey is the only document certifying the absolute and timeless ownership of both local and foreign citizens.

Tapu is registered with the Cadastral Office at the location of the acquired property, in accordance with the title system for registration of rights to residential and commercial areas.

The seller and the buyer sign a document on the absence of claims to the property, after which the ownership right is transferred, the new owner is entered in the cadastral book and TAPU is issued.

The new owner can receive a certificate of ownership in person, or by notarized power of attorney issued to a trustee or representatives of a real estate agency.

After receiving TAPU, the new owner will be able to issue subscribtions for water and electricity for a comfortable stay with all the necessary household goods.

The owner can be both an individual and a legal entity, a citizen of any age or a group of people up to 10 people. In addition to an apartment or a house, the plot of land under the building also passes into possession.



The licensed real estate agency BEST INVEST is ready to offer a full range of professional services for the TAPU in Turkey as part of a real estate purchase and sale transaction:

  • Preparation of a package of documents required for submission to the Cadastral Office and submission on behalf of the buyer.
  • Ensuring the legitimacy of the procedure (presence of a sworn translator).
  • Payment of state taxes and duties.
  • Receiving TAPU by power of attorney and transferring it to the new owner, the client of our company.

If the TAPU is lost, we can help you restore it within 1 business day.

As a rule, the process of issuing a certificate of ownership of real estate takes approximately 1 to 15 days, and BEST INVEST will be happy to help you complete the procedure quickly and without risks.

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