After buying a property in Turkey, the owner has a number of questions regarding residence, which he must resolve immediately upon obtaining ownership. In the Republic of Turkey, as well as in other European countries, apartments and houses are equipped with all the necessary modern household electrical appliances, appliances, lighting, and a water supply system.

Therefore, a foreign citizen will need to register subscribers for water and electricity in order to receive the services necessary for a comfortable stay and pay for them on time.

After receiving the TAPU and Iskan, the specialists of the BEST INVEST real estate agency are ready to draw up contracts for the supply of electricity and water on your behalf as part of the after-sales service. We are not only fluent in Turkish, but we also know all the nuances of the upcoming procedure, which means we can simplify the process as much as possible and save your free time.

The list of services provided includes:

  • Collecting documents and contacting a water utility or an energy company.
  • Signing the contract on your behalf and making payment.
  • Meeting with company employees to connect meters and ensure that the premises are provided with electricity and water the very next day.

We can also help you in connecting the Internet and telephone, choosing the most convenient tariff, signing contracts and paying for services.

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