Acquisition of real estate abroad is associated with many nuances, without knowledge of which the result of the purchase is unlikely to fully satisfy the buyer.

The future owner needs not only to choose the right housing, but also to understand all stages of the transaction, verification and preparation of documents, related costs and maintenance of the property.

If you are buying property in Turkey, the best decision is to enlist the support of a licensed real estate agency BEST INVEST.

Our experts thoroughly know Turkish legislation, provide full support for the transaction and help resolve any related issues.

The procedure for buying a home in Turkey involves several stages:


Property Selection

The website of the BEST INVEST agency presents a huge database of properties located in the best regions of Turkey:

  • Propeties from the developer
  • Properties on the secondary market
  • Exclusive offers
  • “Hot” offers

Our managers will promptly help you to choose the most suitable options based on your preferences and budget.

Inspection Tour

We are confident that a professionally organized viewing, advisory assistance and confidential “live” communication is the key to a successful purchase of real estate, so we invite you to a free viewing tour from BEST INVEST.

This is a unique opportunity to come and choose the objects you like right in Turkey!

We will meet you at the airport, accommodate you in comfortable apartments, organize a viewing and advise on all issues.

If for some reason you are unable to come, we offer you the opportunity to purchase property online.



Conclusion of an Agreement

To conclude a contract of sale, the client needs to have only a passport with him.

At this stage, an advance amount is paid (about 10% of the total cost) and an agreement is signed, which displays all the information about the buyer, seller and real estate.

The object chosen by the buyer is carefully checked by BEST INVEST specialists for the presence of registration and permit documents, any encumbrances and court decisions.

Making Payments of the Property

In the future, the Buyer makes payment for the property in accordance with the clause displayed in the contract.It can be a one-time payment, or it can be several payments, depending on the chosen payment plan.

Payment can be made both non-cash and cash payment to the developer or owner of the property.

Our company fully advises and helps to choose the most convenient option for making payment.



Getting TAPU

The final step of buying a home in Turkey is obtaining a TAPU or title deed, which implies the final, absolute and official transfer of the property to the new owner.

This stage of the transaction can be carried out with the personal presence of the client, or, if desired, the Buyer can leave a notarized power of attorney for the lawyer of our company.

Still have questions about the procedure for buying a home in Turkey?

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