Why do foreigners choose Alanya to live?
  • Alanya is a charming city!

Alanya is located on the southern Mediterranean coast of the country and territorially belongs to the province of Antalya. It is a picturesque region with fine white sand and warm Mediterranean waters.

  • City of Contrasts: Tradition and Modernity

Turkey is a bridge between two worlds, a country where East and West meet. The magical city is filled with the culture and mysterious legends of burning Muslims, mighty buildings and majestic nature, which are harmoniously combined with the democratic customs of the Mediterranean.

  • Hospitality for Foreigners

Alania has become a second home for Russians due to the large number of the Russian diaspora, the traditional complacency of local residents towards Russian-speaking guests. Adaptation to new living conditions is easy because of the benevolent atmosphere. There are many for Russians, including Russian schools.

The life of Russians in Alanya is simplified by the fact that there are already areas where thousands of citizens from the CIS powers live. People, uniting with each other and interacting, greatly facilitate the process of adaptation to living in a new state.

  • Amazing Climate and Nature

Alanya is a coastal region of Turkey, which is located in a green picturesque area between the majestic Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean warm sea in the south. Favorable geographical position had a great influence on climate formation in this region. Alanya has a typical Mediterranean subtropical climate with wet winters and hot dry summers, so good weather persists all year round. It is worth noting that the rays of the sun shine here for at least 300 days a year.

  • City Infrastructure

Each microdistrict of Alanya has its own characteristics and character, and when choosing housing, you should take into account all the nuances of their location.

BEST INVEST agents will tell you where it is better for a Russian to live in Turkey, open all aspects of living in a particular microdistrict, and will be able to suggest the best option for choosing real estate, taking into account your wishes and within your budget.

In Alanya there are kindergartens, public and private schools (including Russian-speaking), three universities.

  • Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in Alanya

Acquisition of real estate in Alanya in a resort area with a developed economy and a European standard of living is a far-sighted and correct investment!

The strengths of Alanya in the eyes of foreign investors are the dynamic development of tourism activities in this region, as well as relatively low housing prices, even in new houses located on the seashore.

The design of the apartments is thought out to the smallest detail and is able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.

The cost of real estate in Alanya is growing at a frantic pace and having bought an apartment for one price, in the end you will be able to sell it, increase your capital for much more.

  • Real Estate Prices in Alanya

Housing prices in this region are much lower than in the coastal resorts of Europe and this makes the investment process much more profitable and attractive.

The cost of apartments in Alanya depends on the location, type of property, living conditions, possible views of the coast or the Taurus Mountains.

You can see the best options for a variety of real estate in Alanya in the catalog on the website of the BEST INVEST real estate agency. With us, anyone who wants to find a suitable option!