In recent years, two-storey apartments called duplexes have become popular in Turkey. The wide popularity of such apartments is explained by the fact that a two-story city apartment in a residential complex is close to the quality of life of a private house, but at a more affordable price.

Duplex apartments are a very common and popular type of real estate in the country. Turkish contractors offer two-storey residences for people of different classes. Currently, over 95% of residential estates under construction, the last two floors are occupied by duplexes.

Many buyers prefer duplex apartments because of their larger space.

One of the elements of duplex apartments is the stair connection between the two floors. Stairs can be an interesting element of the interior. With the correct placement of the apartment under the stairs, you can organize additional storage space for things such as shoes and outerwear.

Roof duplex – apartments occupying the last two floors of the complex. To get to the second floor, you have to go up the stairs. High duplex lofts often have a terrace with a barbecue grill.

Garden duplex is an apartment located on the first two floors of the building. You have to go down the stairs to go downstairs.

The main advantages of duplexes are:

  • a large total space gives a feeling of freedom and spaciousness
  • more opportunities in design and renovation
  • competent zoning of space by floors
  • comfortable residence in a modern residential complex in the city with a developed infrastructure
  • unique views from panoramic windows and a terrace
  • the cost is lower than when buying a separate house

Duplex prices
The cost of duplexes in Turkey depends on many factors, some of which are:

  • Location. Two-level apartments in the resort area on the first and second coastline will cost more than a similar resort away from the sea.
  • View. The magnificent panoramic view of the sea and mountain slopes is reflected in the price of the apartment.
  • Building’s situation. Expensive repairs using quality materials increase the cost of living space.
  • Rich social facilities. Duplexes in complexes with a wide range of additional services (sauna, swimming pool, beauty parlors, movie theater, gym, parking lot, tennis court, game room, etc.) are much more expensive.
  • Construction phase. Buying a two-story apartment in a residential complex under construction from a developer is much cheaper than buying a similar residence in an already finished building.

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