21st Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival

Alanya Tourism and Art Festival; With its climate, amazing nature, rich cultural heritage, as well as tolerance and hospitality, it attracts not only local and foreign tourists, but also foreign settlers. These numerous features greatly contribute to the prominence of Alanya both nationally and internationally.

The administration of Alanya contributes to the preservation and promotion of the values of the city through various activities. One of these initiatives is the International Tourism and Art Festival, which is held every year in the last week of May, based on the decision of the municipality of 14.06.2002 under the number 19/B. The festival is organized at the international level with the participation of various thematic areas and twin-towns with the aim of acquainting the world with the cultural values ​​and heritage of Alanya.

As part of the festivals held earlier, the main goal was to highlight and restore the forgotten values ​​of our culture. Festival themes included the Seljuk period, carpet weaving, local cuisine, Yoruk migrations, banana plantations and others.

In addition, photo exhibitions are traditionally organized at the festival site, which are collected thanks to the contribution of local residents and reflect the history of Alanya from past to present.

During the festival, which is actively attended by delegations from twin-towns and foreign settlers, music and dance performances, as well as exhibitions on various topics are held in historical places such as Kızılkule and its environs.


Seljuk-themed clothes, Seljuk kitchen utensils, artifacts in Alanya Castle, and the Medieval Anatolian Coins exhibition will be featured at the festival. In addition, traditional handicrafts (Filework, Çini, Illumination, Marbling, Glass Blowing, Mother of Pearl Works, Calligraphy, Miniature, Natural Stone Processing, Ceramics) will be exhibited. In addition, photography exhibitions, Silk Cocoon Flower, Banana Fiber works will be introduced to the visitors. It has also been announced that the 100th Anniversary celebrations of the Baltic States, consisting of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, will be held within the scope of the festival.

We wish you enjoy!