TAPU in Turkey: A very Important Document

What is TAPU in Turkey?

TAPU or Turkish title deed is a legal document that establishes the ownership of the acquired property in Turkey.

This is an official document that acts as the only title order confirming the transaction.

TAPU content:

  • Information about the location of real estate (address – province, district, street).
  • Registration data of the object in the register of the cadastral department, its number.
  • Characteristics of the object (house number, apartment, floor, area).
  • Estimated value in national currency.
  • Personal data of the former and future owner of the property.

How to register ownership of real estate in Turkey?

In the Republic of Turkey, there is a unified system for processing acts of transfer and registration of ownership of real estate. In the Cadastral Department, all procedures related to this process are carried out. All data and changes related to real estate are registered by an employee of the department in the appropriate journal, called the “land cadastre”.

The step-by-step procedure for acquiring and re-registering real estate is as follows:

  • Selection of apartments.
  • Drawing up a contract for the sale of real estate, the buyer transfers the advance payment to the owner.
  • An expert assessment of the property is being carried out. The buyer receives an ID number from the Turkish tax office.
  • Submission of an application for registration of the transfer of ownership of apartments to the Cadastral Service. Management fixes the time of submission of the application and appoints the time of the transaction.
  • On the due date, the entire procedure is completed at the Cadastral Department.
  • After receiving TAPU, registration or re-registration of subscribers for electricity and water is carried out.
  • If the buyer intends to reside in Turkey for more than 2 months, a residence permit is issued.
  • Important: the full cost of the apartment and tax expenses must be paid before registering TAPU.

The owner of real estate is considered to be a legal or natural person whose data is entered directly into the certificate. To apply for TAPU, you need to have the following documents:

  • buyer’s identity card or passport with translation,
  • ID-card (issued at the tax office at the place of purchase of housing),
  • 2 photos.

When re-registering ownership, pay attention to the following points:

  • When registering property, both parties or their official representatives must be present.
  • If one of the parties does not speak Turkish, a sworn translator must be present.
  • The actual and legal address of the object of purchase must match in TAPU.
  • It is important to conduct a preliminary legal check of TAPU, to make sure that there are no encumbrances.
  • If you buy a property under construction, you need to check if the construction company has permission and a construction plan. If the object is handed over, you should ask the seller for documents confirming the absence of debts to utilities.
  • The title must be stamped at the bottom center of the document.

In Turkey, there are two types of documents that confirm ownership:

Red TAPU is issued if you become the owner of a land plot with ready-made property: an apartment, a villa, a commercial facility.
Blue TAPU is issued for land plots where there are no objects. Such plots are bought to build their own house or when buying agricultural land (up to 30 hectares).

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