Is it worth it to buy a property by the sea?

Pros and cons of buying property by the sea

Advantages of coastal housing:

  • Fresh and healthy air. We live in industrialized cities, with a huge amount of road transport and enterprises polluting the air we breathe. Buying an apartment in Turkey on the first line, you completely get rid of this problem.
  • 300 sunny days a year.
    The mild subtropical Mediterranean climate is an equally important indicator for choosing Turkey.
  • Beautiful panoramic views of the sea coast.
    Buying an apartment near the sea, you will have an unsurpassed view of the sea from the windows.
  • High-quality construction of residential complexes and developed infrastructure.
    Turkish developers are building modern residential complexes, taking into account all European standards and requirements.
  • High investment potential. Renting out real estate that is located near the sea during the beach season can bring good passive income to the owner of the apartment.
  • Low cost of housing. In Turkey, housing prices are much lower than in other resort regions of Europe. Even by the standards of Turkish localization, there are different price tags.
  • When deciding to buy an apartment or a villa in Turkey on the seashore, some disadvantages should be taken into account. Among them:
  1. Moisture and mold.
  2. Excessive humidity can have a negative effect on the finish and often leads to mold. For this reason, repairs should be done much more often in the room.
  3. Increased maintenance costs.
  • Most Turkish residential complexes attract foreign buyers with their modern design and a wide variety of services. But it should be understood that the richer the internal infrastructure of the residential complex, the higher the cost of aidat (complex maintenance fee) will be.

Which coast to choose for buying a home?

Turkey is a country of four seas, since it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Black Sea in the north, and the Aegean and Marmara Seas in the west. Each coast has its own characteristics and nuances.

Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean region of Turkey has a favorable climate characterized by warm winters and hot summers. This is an important tourist destination. This area offers a unique combination of natural beauty with a wealth of historical sights, which attracts both holidaymakers and foreign investors. In coastal cities, you will discover a developed urban infrastructure with many modern high-rise residential complexes.

Aegean Coast

The western coast of the Turkish Republic is washed by the Aegean Sea. The climate here is mild, the average air temperature is +24-26°C, and the water is never colder than +23°C. The sea breeze keeps you cool even on the hottest days.

Coast of the Marmara Sea

The resorts of the Marmara Coast attract numerous tourists and investors primarily due to their remoteness from port cities, the transparency and turquoise color of the water, the freshness of the coastal breeze and unusual vegetation.

Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea region mainly consists of steep and rocky coastal areas. The climate here is humid and cool. As a rule, housing on the Black Sea coast is acquired by citizens of Asian and Arab states.

The cost of apartments on the beach in Turkey

The cost of housing is also affected by:

  • floor and view from the windows;
  • location of rooms and living space;
  • a range of services on the territory of the residential complex;
  • condition of the apartment.

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