A Spectacular Estate in the Birthplace of Cyprus’s First Hollywood Film Starring Raquel Welch
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Property Description

Nestled within the historic town that witnessed the creation of Cyprus’s inaugural Hollywood production starring the iconic Raquel Welch, a magnificent estate graces the market. This exceptional property not only offers luxurious living but also stands as a testament to the illustrious history of its surroundings.

The Estate:

Spanning a generous expanse of 700 square meters, the villa occupies a private corner plot measuring 920 square meters, embellished by verdant swathes encompassing 1500 square meters on both flanks. Comprising 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a sprawling 100 square meter gym area, private pool, an office, a cinema room, and a versatile games room that can transform into a 6th bedroom, this estate ensures opulence and functionality harmoniously coexist. Thoughtful modern amenities, including central gas heating and split A/C units in all rooms, cater to contemporary comfort. The master bedroom, sprawling over 40 square meters, is complemented by an adjoining 20 square meter dressing room. The property’s vantage unveils breathtaking vistas encompassing the sea, mountains, and the cityscape, culminating in an immersive experience of tranquility and grandeur. With a compelling price tag of 850,000 GBP, this estate epitomizes a rare blend of value and magnificence.

Convenient Location:

Situated in the idyllic Edremit, a town gracing the foothills of the illustrious Karmi, this estate relishes proximity to history and modern conveniences. A mere five kilometers southeast of Kyrenia City, Edremit is graced by the tranquil caress of a gentle summer breeze, emanating from the nearby Five Finger mountains. Karmi, an exceptional town nestled within these mountains, offers a haven of serenity and authentic charm. Resonating with the echoes of its British colonial heritage, Karmi beckons with lovingly restored architecture, picturesque streetscapes, and vibrant local life. The town’s heart pulsates with the rhythm of history, adorned with a delightful assortment of pubs, a very British red phone booth that adds a splash of color to the Mediterranean palette, and quaint restaurants serving dishes infused with aromatic richness. These delights unfold against a backdrop of lush green and gray mountains, juxtaposed with the vibrant hues of pink begonvillas.

Cascading down the hillside, Karmi’s multilevel homes boast enchanting gardens, fountains, and a panoramic view of the sparkling Mediterranean sunbathed in golden light. Among these picturesque homes, one can also gaze upon the iconic St. Hilarion Castle, which ignited the imagination of Walt Disney’s sleeping beauty. Whitewashed cottages, traditional stone villas, and meandering bougainvillea-draped lanes form a captivating tableau of Mediterranean beauty.

A Tale of Restoration and Revival:

Originally a British enclave, Karmi underwent transformation in the 1980s as Kyrenia City surged in popularity, causing the local population to dwindle. However, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Nadia Brunton, the last remaining foreign resident, who championed the ‘Karmi Scheme.’ This visionary initiative invited foreign residents to participate in the town’s revival through restoration efforts. The village’s authenticity and character were preserved meticulously, blending modern comforts with traditional aesthetics. Stringent building codes ensured the harmonious coexistence of historical charm and contemporary living. These measures included the use of wooden rafters and rush mats for ceilings, carefully placed rooftops that preserved the village’s ambiance, and individual house names etched above entrances.

Preservation efforts extended to maintaining the town’s identity, thus limiting ownership to expatriates, safeguarding Karmi’s historical and natural allure. The ‘Karmi Scheme’ has proved a triumph, revitalizing nearly 160 of the approximately 170 houses and infusing life into this once-forgotten gem. It’s worth noting that Karmi provided the backdrop for a classic 1970 Raquel Welch film, marking the first Hollywood venture on this Mediterranean isle. This cinematic endeavor, titled “The Beloved,” not only starred Welch but also hosted esteemed British actors Richard Johnson and Jack Hawkins. Local talents and Karmi’s residents adorned the film as extras, etching a cinematic memory within the village’s tapestry.

In summation, the estate’s opulence, paired with its historical significance and charming locale, creates a truly remarkable proposition. As it embraces the legacy of the past while embracing modern luxury, this property stands as a living testament to the harmonious coalescence of tradition and modernity. Priced at 850,000 GBP, it presents an unparalleled opportunity to own a slice of both history and grandeur. Furthermore, the estate’s strategic location offers convenient access to town center, a mere kilometer away, as well as effortless connectivity to major cities via the accessible highway network. Without a doubt, this estate emerges as a stellar embodiment of a luxurious lifestyle in the embrace of Cyprus’s rich cultural heritage.

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