Captivating 7-Bedroom Detached House with Mountain Views in Agios Stefanos
€ 670,000
ID: 31466
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    Greece/Ayos Stefanos
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Property Description

In the serene neighborhood of Agios Stefanos, the captivating Kapitenia area unveils an exceptional gem—a meticulously maintained 380 square meter detached house set on a generous 420 square meter plot. Built as an epitome of family comfort and investment potential, this residence stands tall across four levels, featuring a picturesque attic that accentuates its allure.

With seven commodious bedrooms, two well-appointed kitchens, and three bathrooms, this abode harmonizes space with functionality. The panoramic views of the majestic mountains frame the landscape, providing a serene backdrop to everyday life.

Amenities abound within this residence. The autonomy of its heating system allows versatility in usage, while the provision of a dedicated parking space, multiple storage areas, a security door, and an alarm system ensure both convenience and safety. The inclusion of a boiler room, two fireplaces, and a solar water system adds an element of modern comfort and eco-friendliness.

Elegance meets practicality with the combination of wooden floors and tiles, accentuated by aluminum door frames and double-glazed windows. The property boasts an attic, a night stream, an internal staircase, and various features designed to optimize comfort and utility.

The outdoor spaces are equally enchanting, featuring expansive front and backyards totaling 240 square meters. Lush greenery, painted exteriors, and well-maintained gardens enhance the charm of this dwelling. Moreover, the recent renovation of the kitchen in 2021 adds a contemporary touch to the timeless appeal of the property.

Conveniently situated in proximity to schools, a bus stop, and supermarkets, this residence presents a versatile lifestyle opportunity. Its flexible layout caters to large families or offers the potential for level-by-level investment utilization, ensuring a multitude of possibilities to suit diverse preferences.

Priced at 660,000 euros, this dwelling embodies a blend of sophistication, functionality, and investment potential—an enticing prospect for those seeking a harmonious blend of home and opportunity in the heart of Agios Stefanos.

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