Luxury Residential Project in Mezitli, Mersin: Comfort and Aesthetics of Modern Living
€ 176,000
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Property Description

Introducing an exclusive residential project located in Mezitli, a district within Mersin province. This project embodies a contemporary lifestyle, offering a range of luxurious apartments with a wide array of features. Here are the project details:

The project is situated in the Mezitli neighborhood of Mersin province. It occupies a substantial plot of land with the parcel number 655/3. The construction is set to commence on January 1st, 2023, with an estimated completion time of 18 months.

Covering a total construction area of 8,236.52 square meters, the project consists of two blocks of 14 floors each, constructed on a 3,500-square-meter land. Each floor will house two 3+1 layout apartments, resulting in an offering of premium living spaces.

Key Features

The project boasts several essential features aimed at providing comfort and quality living. These include a natural gas system, usage of heat-resistant cellular concrete blocks, smart elevator system, and a full-capacity generator. These features are designed to ensure a comfortable and secure living environment.

Interior Features

The interior of each apartment is carefully designed to offer both aesthetics and functionality. The units will feature suspended ceilings, modern kitchen cabinets, walk-in closets, bathroom cabinets, steel exterior doors, PVC windows with double glazing, imported silicon-based paint, top-grade bathroom fixtures, shower cabins, premium 10mm jointed parquet flooring, and glass balcony railings.

Social Amenities

The project also encompasses social amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, open parking area, and a children’s playground. These spaces are intended to provide residents with a relaxing and enjoyable social environment.

In conclusion, this residential project in Mezitli, Mersin presents an opportunity to reside in luxurious apartments designed to meet the demands of modern living. With meticulous attention to both interior and exterior features, this project offers an ideal option for those seeking a comfortable, secure, and stylish living space.

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