Triple Frontage Living in the Coastal Suburbs: Sunrise to Sunset
€ 1,100,000
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This unique newly renovated villa embraces daylight from all three aspects throughout the day within a contained and semi alfresco spacious living space. From early sunrise you can enjoy the uncompromising rays of sunshine and the surrounding exquisite views in the family space until the twilight falls and the sky turns to a light, dusky purple littered with silver stars. The projecting upper  ground floor terrace provides a shaded area to the lower garden when a respite is needed with the private pool in seclusion below the hedgerow of the sloping terrace. A quite relaxation area is provided under the straw roof of a curtained pergola where quiet moments can be enjoyed. The dominating white upper floor structure is strongly supported by natural stone pillar which integrate with the surrounding environment and soften the overall design, giving a sense of traditional values. The internal neutral colour scheme, the use of simple local wooden features with discreet lighting and the integration of different textures, reinforces the traditional ambience of the villas living spaces.

This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa has recently been renovated to a very high standard with high quality floor and wall tiling, simple light tone kitchen units, elegant timber features, clean neutral coloured built in furnishings and exquisite fixtures and fittings. All works have been completed to the highest standards, using quality materials which has created a warm and inviting feel to the property. The abundance of natural light adds to the ambience.

The Bodrum Peninsula, on the Aegean coastline, is at the heart of the champagne socialist scene where the attractive, rich, and famous live in high society. With breath takingly beautiful sunsets, the location gives way to a history that dates back to 2000 BC. It’s home to lovely Blue Flag beaches, old stone hilltop windmills, rock caves, bays with crystal blue waters, wellness centres, renowned gourmet dining restaurants, exclusive marina shopping mall which hosts more than 100 top global brands, Boutique hotels, local fish restaurants in the harbour and a selection of up market beach clubs with exclusive guest lists. The nearby award wining first high-capacity mega-yacht marina hosts super yachts (up to 140 meters) from all over the world.

From an investment prospective, over the last year, the value of the US dollar has appreciated by over 24% against local currency and over 5% against the Euro. This is a very attractive rate of return through currency exchange alone.

This triple frontage coastal villa is the essence of day and night, captivated by the elixir of nature and the joy of the Mediterranean experience.

Price € 1,100,000

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