Your Resales

Resales form a major part of our local and international Real Estate sectors;

We have supported many existing and new customers throughout the full process over the past 20 years. Our resale policy is client driven, delivering on our clients’ needs and expectations. We therefore engage directly with the client first to establish their requirements, timescales, current and future status. On completion of this consultation process, best invest enters into a contractual agreement with our client which incorporates all items discussed, processes required, timescales and the payment path. We do not market our client’s property until this process is completed and our client is happy to proceed, unless specifically instructed by our client.

Our marketing process includes all photography/advertisements/media uploads etc

We are always delighted to meet new people and if we can assist them in any way, we are happy to do so. There is no obligation to commit, the door is always open, and a cup of çay is always available!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us via this website or contact Mehmet Gokkaya, Best Invest MD directly. We look forward to meeting you!

Your Investments

Best Invest advise, broker and joint venture many short- and long-term bespoke investments for our clients in both our regional and international markets. All aspects are structured to incorporate client/organisation requirements, visions and expectations, maximising unique opportunities which are secured and legally binding.

Tailored strategies, performance indicators, financial control, trust, confidentiality and security are key to our continued success in this sector.

For a confidential discussion on potential opportunities or to seek advice/direction in the market, contact Mehmet Gokkaya, Best Invest MD.

Alternatively you can contact us through this web site and Mehmet will personally respond.

Broker / Owner