Using Mobile Phones in Turkey

When you bring a mobile phone, which didn’t billed in Turkey, you need to register your mobile’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number in 60 days after you get in the country. If you are coming for one time and going to stay less then 60 days no need to do anything but if you bought an apartment in Turkey and don’t want to have problem about your mobile everytime when you come or planing to stay couple of mounths pay attention about what you need to do.

How can I learn my mobile’s IMEI number?

Deal  *#06# (star,hastag,zero,six,hashtag) and you will see your 15 digits IMEI number on the screen.

How can I check if my IMEI number has been registered or not?

You can check situation for IMEI from this web site link ““. This is goverment’s web site so feel safe while you are using it.

What happens if IMEI is not registered? How it is effect me?

You can’t use sim card facilities like 3G or income calls on mobiles with nonregistered IMEI, but you can connect Wifi for the internet.

How can I register IMEI number?

After you check IMEI and find out that it is not registered,this is what you need to do:

Pay tax for registiration, you can pay over tax offices or banks. It cost 131,50 TRY. Take a copy of your pasport’s 1st page and the page where last stamp is. Bring these copies with your passport it self  to one of GSM operators office (Turkcell, Vodafone,Avea). Here they will charge you around 40-50 TRY for registiration, this price is negotiable if you or someone you know can find anyone who is working one of these operator’s offices they can help you for price, around 50.00  TRY migth consider acceptable

May I use my phone with different  simcards after I registered IMEI?

If you have any document for permition to stay in Turkey more then 3 mounths you can register for multipal simcard usage but if you don’t have, you have to match your IMEI with one specific (I recommend your own Turkish mobile) phone number and you will be available to use only this sellected phone number’s simcard.

May I register more then one phone at the same time?

No you can’t. According to law you can register only one phone every two calendar year. For example if you registered for one phone at 14.05.2014 for second phone your passport will be available after 01.01.2016, no need to wait untill 14.05.2016