Procedure of Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey

A residence permit (ikamet) is an official document that allows a foreign citizen to stay in the country for a certain period under legal conditions. In the Republic of Turkey, this is a card called ikamet.

A residence permit in Turkey gives a foreigner the following rights:

  • legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Turkey without violating visa formalities for a clearly defined period
  • obtaining insurance and medical care in private institutions
  • being able to obtain a bank loan, including a mortgage, on general terms with local residents
  • buying a car and get a driver’s license
  • being able to enroll your child in a local public school

Steps to obtain a residence permit in Turkey:

  • Completing the online application form to issue a residence permit
  • Proof that you can pay by providing a statement from any Turkish bank’s deposit account
  • Preparation of notarized copies of documents and their translation into Turkish
  • Obtaining a health insurance policy and a Turkish SIM card
  • Being ready at the meeting place at the appointment time

The application is evaluated within 2 months. You can extend the residence permit after one year, the subsequent extension of the card takes place every two years.

Types of residence permit in Turkey and list of required documents

There are two types of residence permits in Turkey:

  • Short Term “Short Term Residence Permit”
  • Long Term “Long Term Residence Permit”

Short Term Residence Permit

Foreign nationals staying in Turkey within the framework of visa or visa-free regime have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for 12 months.

The following can apply for this type of residence permit:

  • Tourists who want to go to Turkey and stay there for more than 90 days
  • Citizens who own real estate in any of the Turkish cities. You can obtain a residence permit in Turkey for one year by purchasing real estate, after which it is possible to apply for a residence extension again, the property must belong to the applicant.
  • People who want to register and open a business on Turkish territory
  • Persons with close family ties with Turkish citizens
  • Patients who need to be treated in Turkish clinics
  • students (during the study period)
  • Victims recognized as victims of human trafficking and people seeking political asylum (refugees)

What documents are required for a residence permit in Turkey?

  • A notarized document confirming the place of residence (tenancy agreement or certificate of ownership (TAPU)
  • A valid health insurance policy from a Turkish insurance company
  • Evidence of a financially stable position (statement of a cashed bank account, assuming a minimum of $500 per person per month)
  • certified passports of their copies
  • biometric photo – 4 pcs.

Important! You can cancel your residence permit application at any time.

Long-term Residence Permit

Foreigners who have been permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Turkey for 8 years have the right to apply for an indefinite residence permit.

Foreigners who have an indefinite residence permit can benefit from all the rights of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, including the right to social protection, with the following exceptions:

  • Fulfilling work duties in public office
  • participate in the elections
  • importing cars on a preferential regime
  • conscription

To apply for long-term residence, the applicant must provide the following documents:

  • Passport and notarized copies of required pages
  • Current residence
  • Document stating that there is no state support for social payments in the last three years
  • Valid health insurance
  • Confirmation of solvency and availability of an adequate and continuous source of income
  • Biometric photo – 2 pcs
  • Registration number of the taxpayer
  • Certificates of bringing criminal responsibility and no criminal record

All documents issued in Turkey must be notarized.

If the application is for a husband-wife or minor children, an apostilled (sworn) written translation of the marriage certificate and the child’s birth certificate must be submitted.

Residence Permit by Purchasing Property in Turkey

The easiest way to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Turkey is to purchase real estate. However, if the holder of the residence permit has been abroad for more than six months in a year, his status is deemed to have been interrupted and the residence permit is cancelled.

Besides being allowed to legally live in the country, it is a profitable financial investment as the demand and prices for housing in this country are constantly increasing. The main advantages of buying apartments in Turkey include a wide range of properties, advanced infrastructure, affordable prices and a simplified procedure for drawing up a sales contract.

What is the cost of obtaining a residence permit?
On average, a one-year permit usually costs around $200-250.

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