Iskan in Turkey

ISKAN is a technical passport, a permit to use a building or part of it for living or other human activities.

General Settlement (Genel İskan)

Every developer in Turkey obtains a permit for construction work before construction begins. If all building codes and regulations are met, at various stages of construction, developer receives a General Settlement or general permit for use of the entire building. General Settlement contains data related building, properties, area, etc.

The Builder arranges the General Settlement according to the deadlines specified in the building permit.

Individual Resettlement (Ferdi İskan)

Individual Iskan is an individual technical passport for a property (a flat or other area) and an official permit to operate a separate part of the building.

Builders and real estate agents offer services for the design of an individual dwelling to simplify this task for the owner. Most of the time, construction companies make Individual Settlement for several or all flats of a house at the same time. In Settlement, the address of the land, its cadastral number, and area are indicated as well as the flat number.

Currently, Ferdi İSKAN is not accepted as a strictly binding document, because the water, electricity, telephone and internet records of the subscribers are carried out by Genel İSKAN.

Is it possible to buy property in Turkey without İskan?
The purchase of real estate is allowed if the property is under construction. If the building is already fully operational, and the construction company does not have Settlement, or it is a sale in the secondary market, we advise you not to rush to buy it, consult with experts and only then make a decision.

The absence of a general technical passport for real estate in Turkey for a fully finished building indicates that the developer did not meet all construction standards stipulated by the country’s legislation.

If you buy an apartment from a building under construction without a Turkish real estate registration document, it should be stated in the sales contract that there is no operating certificate and the approximate delivery dates and fines and the contract will be terminated if these deadlines are not met.

How do property taxes depend on the availability of İskan ?
After registering Ferdi Iskan, the water and electricity tariffs will be slightly lower, which is absolutely necessary if you live permanently in Turkey or if you are renting out your property.

We recommend that all our forward-thinking clients to obtain a private residence for two main reasons:

  • Laws are constantly changing in Turkey and if this document is not currently mandatory, the situation may change in the near future;
  • The cost of Settlement is likely to increase over time.

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