Calculation the Cost per Square Meter in Turkey

The primary parameter is the district and the city.

Distance from the sea
Distance from the sea plays a key role in pricing per square meter. The further the residential complex is located from the coast, the cheaper the price will be.

View from the windows
Also, a very important point that is taken into account when forming the price of housing is the view from the windows. When choosing an apartment with a beautiful panoramic picture, you should not expect that the cost per square meter will be equivalent to an apartment where you can only admire an unsightly blank wall from the windows.

The floor can also affect the value of the property. On the lower floors, there is a risk that neighboring buildings will simply block access to a beautiful picture. It is also worth noting that apartments on the top floors in modern residential complexes are considered elite. These are luxurious penthouses and the price per square meter in them will be several times higher than for an apartment in the same complex, but on the middle floor.

Primary and secondary market
The pricing of Turkish real estate is also affected by whether the apartment is on the secondary market or is it a new building. When buying an object of the secondary fund, the human factor can have a significant impact.

New buildings are more in demand. The high level of construction work and the use of high-quality finishing materials, the presence of a built-in kitchen set and a developed internal infrastructure are valued much higher than an apartment that was already owned by several owners.

Another important aspect is the internal infrastructure of the residential complex. Housing that offers additional services in the form of a pool, saunas, gyms and parking lots is sold for a little more than housing in a complex without such opportunities.

The size of the Apartment
The area plays a very important role here. In this country, the area of ​​an apartment is considered not its residential area, but the area, which is measured along the outer perimeter of the apartment. The thickness of the walls and auxiliary premises on the territory of the entire residential complex are added to the area. In fact, there is a “net” and “gross” area.

  • Net square meters or “net” area is the footage of all rooms. It is determined by adding up the areas of all residential premises – living rooms, children’s rooms and bedrooms, as well as kitchen and bathrooms. This also includes the area of the terrace and balcony.
  • The “gross” area is determined by the outer perimeter of housing, together with square meters of the total territory of the residential complex. It may include: part of the parking lot, landing, elevator shaft, walls, etc. The area of \u200b\u200bcommon premises is distributed equally among all residents in the house.

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