Hospital in Turkey

If someone get sick or needs hospital for any reason in Turkey while their holiday, at the first their agency briefly informed about their situation then agency call contracted out hospital or clinic and give them prior knowledge about patient which is very important. If patient doesnt have agency they can call 112 for emergency call, operators speak foreign languages. If there is an emergency ambulance arrives immediately but if not doctor come him/her self or send his/her assistance to pick patient up to hospital or clinic. In some case patient doesn’t need to go to hospital or clinic and treat him/her where he is. If patient needs to come hospital his/her passport and private health insurance have to be taken with him/her. If patient doesn’t have private health insurance than travel insurance use for process. When patient arrives to hospital or clinic according to state of being urgent they bring him/her to ER. If it is not urgent patient, he/she or his/her relative fills form for record. If doctor decide that patient has to be stay over night at hospital insurance company needs to be called because some insurance companies dont pay over night stays.


Driver transfers patient  to his/her apartment or hote if he/she doesnt need to stay over night. After patient discharged from hospital his/her medical report and medical invoice send to insurance company and wait for payment confirmation,which usually insurance companies send in same or next day. If insurance company doesnt accept to pay then patient has to pay hospital bill and  recive about payment. With that recive he/she can charge money from insurance company when he/she arrived to his/her country.