Recent Changes in Turkish Real Estate Laws: Crucial Updates for Expats
Keeping abreast of alterations in Turkish real estate laws is essential for expats seeking to rent or purchase property in Turkey. As the market evolves, understanding these changes can help expats make informed decisions, mitigate potential legal issues, and secure a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. In this article, we delve into the recent changes in Turkey’s real estate laws to highlight crucial updates that expats need to be aware of in their pursuit of an ideal home.

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Impact of New Property Valuation Rules on Residence by Investment

A significant legal change affecting expats and potential Turkish property buyers revolves around property valuation requirements for residence permits and citizenship applications. Previously, the minimum property value for securing a residence permit was $50,000, rising to $75,000 in metropolitan cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara. To qualify, property purchases had to occur between April 26, 2022, and October 16, 2023. Furthermore, all previous permits issued based on real estate investment are grandfathered prior to October 16th. This means that residency permit renewals will continue regardless of the investment you made in the past.

Starting from October 16, 2023, the new property valuation requirement for all cities across Turkey is a $200,000 market value. This applies to residence permits by investment applications. Meanwhile, the citizenship through real estate investment requires a $400,000 market value.

For residence by investment, the TAPU (title deed) listing price must be more than $200,000, and the Central Bank payment slip should reflect a value exceeding $200,000 as well. The value is $400,000 for citizenship by investment and follows the same principles as the TAPU and Central Bank valuation requirements. Under the new regulations, there is no need for a separate valuation report, simplifying the process for potential buyers.

To be eligible for Turkish citizenship based on a $200,000 property investment, you must remain in the country for an uninterrupted 5 years.